France de Griessen is a singer-songwriter and pluridisciplinary artist.

After founding her own multimedia theatre company, she wrote and acted in Edouard Baer’s shows for four years. Characters she played include a muderer-cheerleader, a tiger-woman, an S & M mistress, an ingenuous and seductive baby-sitter, and many other whimsical creatures.

She also performed with songwriter and musician Michaël Gadrat under the name of « Teen Machine », wearing cow-boy boots and red lipstick, appearing in the guise of a female version of Billy the Kid. The duo released the concept-album « Billy »  in 2005.

As the adventure of « Billy »  drew to a close, France started to think about a new musical project, solo this time. With this in mind, she suggested to François « Shanka » Maigret ( The Dukes) that they collaborate on a few tracks. The musical understanding was so pronounced and the alchemy so complementary that the collaboration has continued to this day.

As a solo artist, France de Griessen has released an EP entitled « Six Uses for a Heart » in 2009, followed by the EP « Electric Ballerina » in 2011 then by « Saint Sebastien » in 2014. Her upcoming album “Orpheon” will be out in April 2018.

France de Griessen’s songs are featured on the soundrack of Bruce LaBruce’s « L.A Zombie » starring François Sagat and Virginie Despentes’s « Bye-Bye Blondie » starring Béatrice Dalle and Emmanuelle Béart.

In parallel to her musical and theatrical activities, she takes photographs, writes,  draws and paints watercolours in which we can re-discover her vision of a wondrous and cruel world, both imbued with colours of childhood and darkened by violence. Her pieces are regularly exhibited in the independent and institutional circuit.

France de Griessen also designs her own albums artwork.

She has lived in Belgium, France and in the United States.

She writes and sings in French and English.

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Photo : Richard Dumas